Where The Devil Are My Slippers?


Colour Guide

Colour Scheme
Elegant, European, refined, eclectic

Key Textures
Linen, gold gilt, lacquer, glass, matt finish wall, brass, panelling, stud detailing


As I sit here on this rainy day I’m wishing that once I’ve finished I can curl up on the sofa in this image watching an ‘ye olde worlde’ movie on TV. Something like My Fair Lady…hot chocolate in one hand, my daughter beside me and cashmere blanket over us. The only thing is that the setting would be dreamier than the reality, which without doubt would include, my daughter asking every two minutes,’What’s she saying?’,’What’s he doing?’, ‘Where are they going?’ I should be glad she’s inquisitive I suppose…Let’s just start with the part of the dream that can be achieved easiest shall we…

This elegant room is a mixture of periods and styles. The French Louis XVI sofa, armchair, side table and brass drinks trolley sit comfortably with the Chinese lacquered console and the modern 70s coffee table. If nothing else, this room speaks to the importance of living with pieces you love. In buying pieces you love and not conforming to any one ‘style’ rule you will create a unique space that truly reflects your personality. The best part of it is that no one else will have a space that looks the same.

White takes up 45% of the space. Apart from being on the ceiling, it also appears on the sofa, cushions, and lamp shades. The panelling along the bottom of the wall has also been painted in white.

Even though 20% of the room is lilac it isn’t in danger of seeming sickly due to the relaxed placement of the furnishings and eclectic accessories.

Also at 20% is the floor, which is a lavender grey colour with a slight texture. To be honest, this wouldn’t be my first choice – but then again, neither would lilac – but as a whole it works. Wide oak floor boards with a large lavender grey rug would also work.

Between the lilac walls and the lavender grey carpet, 5% pale grey and 5% black has been used. As neutral colours they are able to sit between the wall and floor colours and not compete. Black has been dotted around in frames and objects as well as the door, modern coffee table, armchair and Chinese lacquered console.

The gorgeous brass drinks trolley, along with the pendant light and mirror, collectively add up to 5% of the scheme but also add some reflective surface allowing light to bounce off and giving the room life. I’ve included the gold gilt table in here as well as it is of similar tone.

What I haven’t included is the red in the art above the fireplace and on the far wall, it’s not actually part of the room scheme but it does add an interesting twist. The red just gives you a poke and stops the scheme from being to muted.

Merry Christmas everyone and enjoy the break.


TIP: When choosing coloured carpet, take a painted sample of your wall colour with you. Also check it in natural light as this is the neutraliser between the shop and home. Keep in mind that if you wear a bright red dress, for example, light will bounce off your clothing changing the hue of anything you are looking at. Make sense?

TIP: Using different furniture shapes within a room- round, decorative, angular- will make a space feel more approachable.


*The colour on screen is not a true representation of actual colour