Texture Rules



Colour Guide
Moody, sludgy

Colour Scheme
Textural, chic, sophisticated,

Key Textures
Velvet, perspex, cut crystal, animal hide, shag, aged mirrored, marble, gloss surfaces, delicate artwork


You may not see me but if you look a little closer you will be sure to. I’m lounging on the settee (this word seems to mean so much more than ‘sofa’ here) in a long, mustard brown Lanvin satin dress, sipping vintage Dom Rosé from a Baccarat champagne glass, while a David Holmes track plays in the background. Oh, and it’s about 3.30-4pm……No matter where I am in the world, the light at this time of day is special. (you can guess by the dappled light in this image it would have been taken around this time).

The 50% deep sludgy brown colour on the wall immediately makes you feel cocooned and pampered. As I have mentioned previously the added detailing of panelling on the wall gives depth to the interior as does another layer of texture.

The ceiling takes 20% of the scheme and is painted a slightly off-white colour, so it visually stops the walls extending any further. Together with the size and scale of the french doors and/or windows, stops the colour on the walls from becoming too overpowering considering the amount of light that bouncing around the room.

Equalling the proportion of the ceiling, the floor is also 20%. The wooden floor is what you would expect to see in this interior, whether it be parquet or plain boards, aged or new. A wall to wall plain loop pile carpet would also work brilliantly and would also add warmth to the interior.

The black sofa and the silvery grey rug each take 3% of the overall scheme. I wouldn’t normally attribute two such items equal proportions but I have in this image because of the size of the rug. Visually, the rug takes up as much space as the black seating. The black sofa is a made of dual textures – suede seating with a leather base and arms – this placing again with the concept of layering. The silvery grey in the rug along with the cut crystal chandelier and candle holders, adds lightness and yet more texture to the room. The crystal and the oversized mantle mirror reflect and refract light around the room giving a sense of movement. When considering using an oversized mirror I would opted for an aged or patined effect as they will give you broken reflections, which adds to the sense of grandeur.

The next four colours and the remaining 4% is spread over the gold and perspex armchair, the zebra patterned ottoman, the pinky beige marble mantle and the deep chocolate gloss coffee table. Each one of these pieces are unique and add personality and texture to the space. The gold and perspex chair stands its ground in the corner and is the statement piece of the room. You would think the large decorative chandelier or the ottoman would be the pieces that catch your eye, they may do at first, but it’s the gold perspex chair that holds your attention.

Every aspect of this room is about texture, playing with scale, and the juxtaposition of styles – from the shag of the rug to the gloss on the table, the refined cut crystal pieces opposite the solid square edge sofa – it’s a room that shows contrasts. The owner and designer injects its own unique style and personality. Oh, did I mentioned the designer is Lenny Kravitz of Kravitz Design!?


TIP: To give life to what could be dead areas, place mirrors on the wall. The reflections will create interest without having to place an object or lighting.

TIP: Artwork plays an important part in visually finishing a scheme. This etching is juxtaposed to the sofa and the mantle which reinforces balance within the room.

TIP: Not every sofa requires cushions. A sofa with strong clean lines or detailing such as this can be left bare so you can admire the craftsmanship.


*The colour on screen is not a true representation of actual colour 

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