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Colour Guide

Colour Scheme
Playful, serene, modern, uncomplicated, graphic, symmetrical

Key Textures
Wicker, pale wood, metallics, wool, decorative metal

The prefect scheme for a beach house don’t you think! This colour palette reminds me of a friends home in Broadstairs, England. As soon as you enter their home a feeling of calm washes over you. You have the urge to change into a long chiffon DVF dress and your swimmers or for the men, shorts and T-shirt, bare feet mandatory. Style wise this room has a bit of everything, 60s style lamp bases, vintage ceiling lamps and contemporary furniture.

With 50% of the space being white you feel like you’re floating. The sunlight that streams through the windows has no place to rest. It bounces off the ceiling on to the floor and back again. White also appears on a pair of 60’s style lamp bases and the mantle.

The 26% mint colour appears on the wall adds a freshness. It gently connects the floor and ceiling to the walls and it emphasises the green tones within the striped sofa.

To create balance in an interior you need to introduce various materials, wicker and wood are two such materials. The 5% light wood storage under the sofa together with the Marc Newson Wicker Chairs add warmth and texture. These textures are absolutely key in making this interior feel relaxed. The curves are also an important element as they are the polar opposite in form to the sectional sofa.

The pair of gloss round silver tables add a further 3% to the colour palette and like the wicker chairs serve more purpose to the interior than their function alone. If these tables aren’t your thing, keep these buying tips to hand for a replacement; it would need to be round – size is not important – glossy and a neutral colour.

Apart from the four colours I’ve already mentioned, there is another twelve yet to deconstruct. As you can see by the cramped colour wheel breakdown (or coloured Camembert as my French friend called it) it’s this remaining 16% where all the colour appears, mostly generated by the sofa.

At first the sofa looks like a mixture of random blues and greens, it is but there is some order to it, on closer inspection you will notice the colours run from shades of blue on the left to greens on the right. Some of these colours have been highlighted around the room like the sea green from the far right of the sofa appears on the ceiling lamp. The colour of the grey rug can be found in the middle of the sofa.

A slightly darker grey appears on the sofa and lamp shades near the window and with the touch of yellow in the design it connects to the other half of the room.

There are other ways can you create this scheme without that particular sofa. Option 1 – A long angular sofa upholstered in either the darker blue or green with cushions in each of the remaining colours. Or secondly, and the more costly option, buy a sofa like the Confluences sofa by Ligne Roset or the Alphabet Modular sofa by Piero Lissoni then add the other colours you need as cushions. By layering solid colour cushions it will give a similar effect.

1% vintage pink appears in the decorative ceiling light that hangs above the sofa. The cut metal leaves and flowers are a perfect contrast to the solid rectangle that sits beneath it.

Have you noticed the bright yellow flowers on the mantle? I haven’t included them in the overall scheme but they are worth mentioning as the colour, unlike the rest of the palette, is brighter and more intense which gives the scheme that surprise punch.


TIP: Include these five elements to create balance in an interior or display – books, earthenware, metal picture frames or lamp, glass vase, wooden bookcase or table and lastly, fabric whether it be as curtains, cushions or a rug.


*The colour on screen is not a true representation of actual colour

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