Rococo Glamour


Colour guide
Muted, Pale

Colour Scheme 
Glamour, eclectic, layering

Key Textures
Linen, transparent, reflective, animal skin, fur, ornately carved wood


There are lots of things I want to cover in this seemingly complicated image. The style of furniture, subtle layering of textures, and of course colour. It’s not till you start looking at each piece individually do you realise it’s a pastiche for all things 80’s. Someone once said that if you lived through it once you shouldn’t relive it (fashion forward for the Gen Y and a fashion faux pas for Gen X).

Most wall colours take on the colour from the furnishings within a room. This wall colour is one example. Together with the light bouncing off the armchairs, the 50% off-white on the walls draws out the pale pink and bisque tones, making the wall appear pinker that it actually is.

I’ve styled many homes for photography and I would be hard pushed to remember one that features carpet in the living room, let alone, what looks like a berber carpet! For those Australians reading this you may remember the hot 80’s trend of berber carpet. Reminds of me when the family home was fitted with ‘the latest’ carpet back in the day. Barely a week later, after a sibling argument over who was placing the next log on the fire, one rolled out and burnt a 12cm square area of the new carpet! We quickly went and bought some tatty rag style bath size mat to disguise the damage. I then tried to convince my father that it was to bring out the colour in the wall and curtains! All was fine till a few days later when he tripped on a corner revealing the burnt patch BUT to make matters worse the dye for the cheap mat started to stain the carpet!  Sorry I digressed slightly… Where was I…?  The nature of the 20% thick chunky pile adds a cosy warm feeling to the room. Together with the other 80’s Australian trend of Flokati rugs (I would be interested to hear if this was the same case else where) it makes the floor look as comfortable to sit on as the sofa.

The wallpaper takes roughly 11% of the overall scheme and this includes the cushion, as this is the same pattern. In this case the wallpaper serves multiple functions – colour, adding pattern and interest. Cleverly inserted into the recesses of the wall, it gives depth to the room, and by placing a cushion in the matching fabric on the sofa it connects the middle ground to the background. Think about this when you style a room. Stand in any doorway that leads into the room and place items in the foreground, in the middle, and at the furthermost point. In doing so you will create a visual balance. This is a whole area I will talk about another time.

The 10% stone colour of the sofa allows it to meld into the scheme comfortably. This style of sofa is one of the most versatile and comfortable styles you could buy. I have seen this sofa covered in stripes, English florals, denim and slouchy linens. Each time it transforms into a different character. The deep seat cushions are commonly filled with feather and you can’t help throwing your shoes off and curling up in the corner. I also include the Rococo mirror frame in this percentage as it is in the same tone. It, together with the carved detailing, adds another layer of texture to the room.

Symmetrically placed pale pink armchairs either side of the sofa with the pale pink rectangular cushions echo the symmetry and add a further 4% to the room’s colour scheme.

Again, like the berber carpet and the flokati rug, the colour of the consoles is a throwback to the 80’s. The 2%, of what I can only describe as cream, is colour you just don’t see being used often. Not sure if you noticed but they have placed mirrors under the consoles reflecting light into an area that would otherwise be dark along with creating depth.

This room has been styled right down to the finest detail and is a good example of how accent colours can travel all around the room with the accessories. All the objects on the table are there to reinforce a colour elsewhere in the room. The 1% pink leather case matches the lampshades and the 1% of the white candle is paired with the rug. The 1% brown has been placed in the foreground, the book in the foreground, and the pair of deer skin cushions in the middle ground with the frames on the console connect each area, making the room feel calm and balanced.


TIP: Play with styles and sizes of cushions when you have a long sofa. Using rectangular cushions accentuates the length.

TIP: Spread the percentage of a colour around the room but remember to make sure it doesn’t exceed its proportion within the whole room.


*The colour on screen is not a true representation of actual colour