General Rules Of Thumb


1:  Cool colours and tints will make a space appear larger.

2:  Warm colours  will make a space appear smaller

3:  Cool colours and tints make an object appear smaller and lighter in weight, whilst Warm colours and shades make an object appear larger and heavier in weight.

4:  Contrasting colours contract space.

5:  Similar colours or values expand space.

6:  Time seems to pass more quickly in warm spaces and  more slowly in cool spaces.

7:  Temperature is perceived as hotter in warm spaces whilst it is perceived as colder in cool spaces.

8:  Warm colours and earth tones encourage and maintain body warmth and physical action.

9:  Cool colours are conducive to mental activities, projects and research.

10:  Cool colours can have a dampening effect on the level or quality of conversation.

11:  Exercise care in using white for highly illuminated spaces as it can create glare and headaches.

12:  Three coats of paint will be the true colour.