Colour Psychology


RED – Vitality, courage, self confidence.

Emotional:  Love, vitality, courage, passion, danger, excitement, warmth.

Physical:  Increase blood pressure, increases respiratory rate, aids digestion, increases strength.

Behavioural:  Aggressive, sensuous, extreme, athletic, impulsive, sensual, physical, bullying, demands attention.



Emotional:  Guarded.

Physical:  Weakens muscles, stimulates sweet tooth.

Behavioural:  Gentle, friendly, protective, indulged.


YELLOW – Wisdom, clarity, self-esteem.

Emotional:  Cheerful, optimism, irritability, frustration, wisdom, cheer, annoyance, warmth,  emulates sunshine, spring like.

Physical:  Increases irritability, increases hostility, sharpens memory, aids digestion, stimulates circulation, stimulates appetite.

Behavioural:  Caution, debate, egotism, innovation. People are more likely to lose their tempers in yellow rooms and babies tend to cry more in yellow rooms. Yellow is also the most fatiguing to the eye due to the high amount of light that is reflected.


GREEN – Balance, love, self control.

Emotional:  Growth, envy, inexperience, refreshment, birth, jealousy, wealth, compassion, tranquil, calming,  harmony, good luck, health.

Physical:  Rejuvenation, expansiveness, balance,  relieves stress and helps heal.

Behavioural:  Moderation, balance, conventional, tradition, quietly social. Researchers have also found that green can improve reading ability.


BLUE – Knowledge, health, decisiveness.

Emotional:  Serenity, peace, sadness, powerful, dignified, loyalty, sincerity, justice, secure, and orderly.  Certain shades of Blue can also create a cold and uncaring feeling. Emulates sky and sea. Blue was believed to soothe illnesses and treat pain.

Physical:  Lowers blood pressure, slows respiratory rate, cooling and relaxing.

Behavioural:  Conceptual, dogmatic, rigid, loyal, astute, responsible, pragmatic, manipulative, conservative, authoritative. In office environments blue is shown to be more productive.


INDIGO – Intuition, mysticism, understanding.

Emotional:  Brings peace , calms after shock and fear.

Physical:  Affects the brain, nervous system and sinuses, associated with the right side of the brain , purifying, anti septic effect , cools the system , balances metabolism.

Behavioural:  Intuition/psychic, creativity, psychic protection.


ORANGE – Happiness, confidence, resourcefulness.

Emotional:  Active, boldness, exuberance, cheer, vigour, happy.

Physical:  Decreases irritability, decreases hostility, improves social behaviour,  increase energy levels.

Behavioural:  Gregarious, active, social, extroverted, jovial, pleasure seeking, fickle, ambition.



Emotional:  Wealth, stimulates brain activity in solving problem.

Physical:  Sophisticated royalty.

Behavioural:  Creates an air of mystery, wisdom and respect.


VIOLET – Beauty, creativity, inspiration.

Emotional:  Royalty, quietness, supremacy, reverence.

Physical:  Lowers blood pressure, depresses appetite, quietens over active glands and organs, quietens.

Behavioural:  Elegance, spiritual, creativity day, dreaming, philosophical, lateral thinking.



Emotional:  Earthiness, natural ,tranquil, bored casual, embraced, safe, autumn, friendship.

Physical:  Encompassed, dull.

Behavioural:  Homespun, shrewd, sturdy, reliable, stable, ultraconservative.



WHITE – Cleanliness, peace, virginal.

Emotional:  Joy, hope, innocence.

Physical:  Purity, enlightenment.

Behavioural:  Individualism, indecision, idealism, optimism.


BLACK – Authority, power,  wealth, stability

Emotional:  Mourning, mystery, fright, elegant, dignity, sophisticated, uncertainty, intimidated, intimidating.

Physical:  Mourning, fatigue.

Behavioural:  Worldly, stunning, powerful, aloof, intimidating, dignified, mysterious, associated with intelligence, represents death.



Emotional:  Steady, stable, dignity, protected, resignation, negotiable, indecision, practical, timeless,  Some shades are associated with death, depression.

Behavioural:  Deliberate, disciplined, compromise, guarded, negotiable.