About me





I’m passionate about interiors and colour!

I love scouting and investigating interiors and craft shops, markets and garage sales, hardware and stationary stores (all much to my families frustration). I’m inspired by what some would call the mundane, the ordinary and to others, the plain ugly (my mum’s description of my oddities and finds). I like being kept on my toes with the unexpected whether it’s in terms of design, colour combinations and even my daughter capers.

I’m incredibly lucky to be able to work in an environment that inspires me on a daily basis. Whether it’s the furniture, the locations I’m working in or people I work with; I learn something new with every project. Experience has told me there are 1000’s of ways of doing something, none being wrong, it’s just a matter of finding a way that suits the job at hand.

I trained as an Interior Designer but an opportunity arouse in my first job that took me to Sweden to work as an interior stylist. I found myself going down a path I never knew existed and have never looked back.

I’ve been working as an Interior stylist and art director for the publishing industry for over 20 years and have worked on-staff on some of best interiors; Style Director of Vogue Living (AUD), Decoration Editor of Homes & Gardens (UK) and Style Director of Inside Out magazine (UK). When you’re not on staff, you’re freelance, allowing you to work on host of other titles over a period of weeks. I’ve styled features for Elle Decoration, Living Etc, Belle Magazine (AUD) and have held weekly columns for both The Sunday Times property section and The Guardian Weekend in the UK.

My work generally starts from conception on an idea through to styling, and art direction when needed, across both editorial and advertising campaigns for brands. Styling can take you down many different paths one of which is designing products. Another is teaching and holding workshops on colour and styling for students and the general public.

Using my experience from building and designing large scale projects I’ve designed exhibition stands at Decorex and 100% Design. Along with styling and producing events and catalogues for companies like Habitat. I’ve consulted for large brands, styled TV campaigns, presented talks for companies such as Muji and been a guest tutor at UCA (University of Creative Arts in Kent)

Interior Styling isn’t a career, it’s a lifestyle choice!

M x


Here’s a few lessons I’ve learnt along the way…

1: Your first instinct is generally right.

2: Build a rapport with clients and learn to read situations.

3: Be honest without being confrontational.

4: See the bigger picture and understand the people’s role around you. Each discipline needs the other to complete the job successfully.

5: Meet the right person. It’s not just ‘who’ you meet but the type of person they are.

6: To evolve you need to keep questioning and pushing yourself.

8. It’s OK to make mistakes! As the saying goes it’s a lesson learnt.


If you’d like to contact me about Styling work, Public Speaking or Consultancy you can do that here: