Guardian Masterclass #5 August 14th


I’m excited to be offering my fifth Guardian Masterclass on How to be an Interior Stylist on August 14th 2014.

If you are wanting or wondering about how to step in the photographic styling world, this course will be the most intense and comprehensive, not to mention the only type of its kind, you’ll find. I’ve been doing my ‘thing’ for over 20yrs and my mother still can’t get her head around what it is that I do!

Previous attendees have come from all manner of backgrounds. Some have since decided to quit their job started in the industry, not that I’m saying you that you should, for others it’s clarified if it’s a path that want to take.


There are quite a few of us around and we vary in style: we are enigma’s to most people. Interior stylists are behind practically every still image you see in editorial, advertising or online.


Our role in pulling images together can range for being purely creative and thinking outside the box to literally having to pack the box, but we don’t care! I think I can talk for most stylists, we love it, it’s a way of life, and we wouldn’t dream of doing anything else. It’s a job that requires much more than an eye for style – interior stylists also need to be experts in trend forecasting, finding locations, sourcing props and booking contractors.


It’s small and intimate with only 10 places available and I appreciate it’s not the cheapest course. You’ll be able to tap into over two decades of experience through both theory and practical exercise.  The course takes place in a professional working studio environment, so you never know who you could bump into in the corridors.


The one day course takes place on August 14th 2014 and includes lunch. To book or find out more visit the Guardian’s website.

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  1. Hi,

    I just got the money together to do this class only to find its been cancelled 🙁
    Do you plan to do another?