Tranquil Modern



Colour Guide

Colour Scheme
Tranquil, fresh, clean, modern

Key Textures
Satin finishes on furniture, reflective quality of metal, transparent coloured glass, fresh green foliage


If you’ve never considered using the reflective quality of metal within a room scheme to add interest and life, today’s a great day to start.

The overwhelming feeling of this room scheme is tranquil, and the placement of the chairs, pendant lights and plants in rows gives it a sense of order. The grouping of items into the magic number three also  helps create visual balance on another more subtle layer.

Assuming there are at least three walls per room which require painting, white will be the dominant percentage of colour at 55%-including the white table.

The polished concrete floor is the next largest spance of area at 25%.

The 10% of blue painted border detail that runs along the bottom of the wall adds depth. It also elongates the wall and eases the contrast between the wall and floor. I would also paint the skirting board blue should you have one.

7%  touch of ruby red along the door frame together with the red sundae glass give the scheme a bit of a kick and a touch of playfulness.

If you feel the walls are too bare, hang a simple black and white illustration in a white frame or a white wall clock. Stylistically, all furniture lines are angular and clean-lined aside from, the red sundae glass. In this environment it’s not to have change the passing of style of the odd decorative piece.

Don’t forget the 3% fresh green foliage – without which would leave you with a scheme that would feel unapproachable or uninhabited.

This image doesn’t show curtains but practically we all need them whether it be for privacy,  keeping the heat out or the warmth in. I sheer voile with a modern satin nickel rod would work brilliant. For those you require something more substantial, depending on your window, heavy white linen curtain or even better to continue the clean lines, a white linen roman blind both with blackout fabric.


TIP: Using red drinking glasses will do the same trick as the sundae glass.

TIP: If concrete isn’t your thing, there are plenty of gorgeous stone tiles you could choose instead. I would the use the largest format tile available no matter the size of your room and avoid highly polished or gloss finishes.

TIP: Avoid adding any more grey or metal or the room will start to feel cold. 
*The colour on screen is not a true representation of actual colour