Colour Predictions 2017

Well, it’s been a while since my last post…but what better topic to write about than new colours for 2017!

Colour and specifying paint can be a daily task as an interior stylist, but over the past two years I’ve been completely immersed in it. Two global launches of Dulux Colour of the Year at Somerset House, planning and designing the launch of Polyrey UK Premier Washroom Collection along with consulting on colours for the global 2021 collection to name a few. 

So, keeping all this in mind and looking across the new paint colours launching in 2017, the colours below stood out as ones I feel you’ll see a lot of over the next 12 months. You may choose to introduce your favourite colour as a wall finish, the low-cost high impact option. If you’re feeling more confident you might decide to reupholster your sofa or order window treatments. For a quick update, choose some cushions and accessories to add a pop of colour.

After walking around Maison et Objet in January, the three colours I repeatedly saw were muted pinks, terracotta and midnight blue, at times all on the same piece of furniture. Without a doubt, the colour still continuing through from 2016 is green but in varying shades and tones. Deep green. Pea Green. Pure green. Dusty green. And of course, you then have Pantone’s colour of the year for 2017, Greenery!

Happy decorating and don’t be scared of adding some colour to your walls. What’s the worst thing that could happen? You have to repaint!

Photography: Grant Turner

Palette One

1. Salon Drab, Farrow & Ball, 2.5lt, matt emulsion, £43.50
2. Hellebore, Little Greene Paint Co, 2.5lt, matt emulsion, £38
3. Specifying Green, Farrow & Ball, 2.5lt, matt emulsion, £43.50
4. Shadow White, Farrow & Ball, 2.5lt, matt emulsion, £43.50
5. Muga, Paint & Paper Library, 2.5lt, matt emulsion, £42.50
6. Celadon, Fired Earth, 2.5lt, matt emulsion, £38.50


Palette Two

1. Goldfinch, Fired Earth, 2.5lt, matt emulsion, £38.50
2. Picasso Blue, Valspar, 2.5lt, matt emulsion, £26.98
3. Dance Fever, Crown, 2.5lt, matt emulsion, £20
4. Eiderdown, Earthborn, 2.5lt, matt specifying, £40
5. Mad King George, Fired Earth, 2.5lt, matt emulsion, £39.40
6. Denin Drift, Dulux, 2.5lt, matt emulsion, £24.99




Palette Three

1. Lavender, Edward Bulmer, 2.5lt, matt emulsion, £41.50
2. Story Teller, Dulux, 2.5lt, matt emulsion, £24.99
3. Ink Wash, Dulux, 2.5lt, matt emulsion, £24.99
4. Greige Lt, Sanderson, 2.5lt, matt emulsion, £43
5. Rail Cloth, Dulux, 2.5lt, matt emulsion, £24.99
6. Milk Jug, Earthborn, 2.5lt, matt emulusion, £40
7. Laylock, Edward Bulmer, 2.5lt, matt emulsion, £41.50






Palette Four

1. New Sap, Paint By Conran, 2.5lt, matt emulsion, £38.50
2. Notebook Orange, Dulux, 2.5lt, matt emulsion, £24.99
3. Burnt Juniper, Fired Earth, 2.5lt, matt emulsion, £38.50
4.Terracotta Warrior, Fired Earth, 2.5lt, matt emulsion, £39.50
5. Deep Space Blue, Little Greene Paint Co., 2.5lt, absolute matt emulsion, £42
6. Bowery Blue, Abigail Ahern, 2.5lt, matt emulsion, £33
7. Worsted, Farrow & Ball, 2.5lt, matt emulsion, £43.50